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At ALS Solicitors, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services with a focus on personalized client care. Our team of experienced solicitors is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, offering expert advice and representation in a wide range of legal matters. ALS Solicitors was founded on the principles of excellence, commitment, and a passion for justice. With years of combined experience.

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Pro Bono Litigation

We provide pro bono legal services to charitable/not for profit organizations who cannot otherwise afford legal counsel.

Intellectual Property Rights

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Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Corporate and commercial litigation refers to the legal disputes arising within the context of corporate and business activities.

Property, Succession and Family Litigation

Property, succession, and family litigation involve legal disputes related to real estate, inheritance, and family matters.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal law deals with actions/deeds/behavior that are or are often construed as an offense against the overall public, society, or the state

Regulatory Practice

Regulatory practice in corporate and commercial litigation involves navigating and resolving disputes related to compliance with various governmental regulations.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer disputes are a significant area within corporate and commercial litigation, involving conflicts between businesses and their customers.

Writ Litigation

Writ litigation involves legal proceedings where a party seeks a court order, often called a writ, to compel or prohibit specific actions by an individual or entity.

Real Estate Disputes

Our real estate lawyers are well versed with various state legislation and jurisdictions.

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